Free email accounts

Get a load of this.
Reckon spammage is lower than hotmail.

This is great!!! I love there variety of domain name choices! So direct!

Like These???

Did you actually register all of these? If you did what are you going to do with all of them?!! HAHA!

No I haven’t, but if i did, I’d have some bad ass email addresses.
Like I was

Look, Alleycat, we can see that stuff by going to the web site in question. Do you really have to go smearing it all over Segue? Anyway, if you don’t take very good care of your e-mail address, spammers are going to find it sooner or later, and they don’t give a toss whether it’s hotmail, yahoo or osamabinladenscrewedmyneighorsdonkey.

it’s alleycat’s karma quest… it’s all about the bad ass karmmma

I agree @thisisafamilyshow

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My friend,, swears the spam has dissipated since changing his address.

Sure, but how the heck do you send email to your mom and grandma?


Another good free e-mail service is As for avoiding spam the best way to avoid is to zealously guard your e-mail address. And avoid Hotmail–it’s crap anyway.