Free jazz guitar seminar update

i spoke to corbet via email, and he said using the living room would be fine, provided that we honor the two drink minimum, since the activity still falls under something taking place on the premises. how many of you would be willing to come?

the topic, again is : Jazz For Rock Guitar Players- Using What You Know To Make The Changes

there won’t be any deep theory. i relate everything to guitaristic shapes on the fingerboard that are easliy accessed and remembered. even when the chord changes are flying by, you’ll be confident. post here and let me know how many of you are interested, and i’ll post the date after i get back to corbet.

ran the man

I’ll be glad to go if it’s on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Keep me posted!

i think we will shoot for mid january. everybody that’s coming please post here.

I might, if my new tenor ukulele is finished in time.

Sooo, I guess it’s just the update that’s free, right?

Sooo, I guess it’s just the update that’s free, right?[/quote]
Will you please give this guy a break! This time he wrote the subject clearly and correctly: “free jazz guitar seminar update
Every fool can read that it’s the update that’s free. So don’t you be trying to mess with his little head, trying to make him feel bad and shit! That’s cruel, man.

I thought it was about free jazz. Y’know, Ornette and all that erm… jazz.

It’s hard enough to get people to show up for seminars by big name guitarists. Nothing personal, but I don’t think many/any people here know anything about your guitar skills. So, I doubt anyone is going to turn up, esp. if they have to pay for drinks. If you keep it free, I’d be curious to give you a listen and see your technique.

Drink minimums at the Living Room are like $300, right? Why not book one of the big practice rooms at APA or Shinlishen in Ximen or Dunhua on Nanjing? 1 hour is about $300, 3 hours will run you about $1000. If the people who show up like what you do and agree, you could ask them in the future to simply split the cost of the studio time amongst the total number of people turning up.

Can you tell us, what are you going to cover? Lead or rhythm playing? Chord patterns and changes? Modes/scales (Dorian, Mixolydian, etc.)?

APA and all those other places don’t sell drink. Bummer. No good. Ran the man can play. It’ll be interesting.

what i’m going to do is “reveal”…“my method”… (quotes intentional) for getting guys who have only played rock to be able to handle songs that switch keys every one or two measures. this is nothing new. a lot of jazz players know these ideas. however, i think i’m about the only guy who uses one of these methods exclusively. it’s all i do. and i’ve taken it really far from what i started out with.

this is my “jeet kune do” for guitar. i took my limitation and capitalized on it. i’m going to use this to help others to find THEIR OWN JKD on guitar.
if you’re a riff hound, MI guy, mode freak, or worse a riff stealer writing a book for the taiwan market(ie GL and his crew), don’t come. nothing here will impress you. this is primitive guitar, but it works. i can play giant steps, … all kinds of changes with this method.

this is something i wanna share with people who are looking for their own path on the guitar, and indeed in their life. everybody who learns this will end up sounding like HIS/HER SELF. because I’m not teaching licks. licks are up to you. making sure you guys get the CONCEPT behind what i’m teaching is up to me. i’m just a guide.

this is my life’s work. and i want to share it.
i’m looking forward to all of you coming.

if anybody knows a better venue, let me know.

ukelele? hmmm. how are those tuned?

Soooo…you’re what…the Bruce Lee of guitar??

absolutely not. but i AM following my own path, ever how stumbly it may be!^^

Jeff Speakman??

Ok, you’ve got some promo from Sandman.
Your concept sounds interesting. Tell us when you’ve set the date and place, I’ll try to make it.
Should we bring our guitars?

everyone should just bring an acoustic guitar for easy setup. time and place: this is problematic since the drink thing at the living room is a little steep. i need a place where we can spend about 2 or 3 hours in the afternoon.

ATB has a studio that can be rented for $250/hour.

I’ve been trying to think of a better location for such a seminar, possibly free, but public schools and parks are probably not good destinations in winter… Does anyone know of a school or business that would be willing to loan a large sized room out for this?

If you’re willing to wait until late January or early February for this, and are furthermore willing to allow a handful of Taiwanese university students to attend (with their acoustics, of course), I have a suitable location in mind.

sounds good. late january it is!

Has anyone heard from ‘theposter’ recently?

It seems that he may be suspended, since that’s the word that appears beneath his name and he hasn’t responded to my PMs these last two days. But the plan was for us to meet in a room this Sunday afternoon for a “free jazz seminar” at NTUST. If you can get me in touch with him I’d be much obliged.