Free money

Some of us hesitate buying anything on Amazon because of the high shipping costs. However, Amazon is crediting $15USD to your account when you buy an online $50 Amazon gift card. You just email the gift card to yourself. Pretty cool and negates the cost of shipping on a later purchase.

The deal is only good today (Saturday US time).
Enter this code when you checkout:

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Hmmm, that did not work for me

Thanks, @SuiGeneris

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Poor Gus :cry:keep smiling

You can also get like 50 bucks of free money if you use the referral code I post d on the crypto thread

I have 29 million dollars but it’s stuck in Nigeria … bit of a nuisance .


I can transferr it to you but you have to pm me your card no, expiry date, csc and cute nurses phone number

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I know some good discount codes are out there … but I always get cynical because I miss out :pensive:

Is it in only the US site or all?

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I can help him better. Just venmo me

@Andrew0409 not sure. I tried to find out, but couldn’t find any info on that.

Yes the moment I saw it, tempted to buy something and glad didn’t buy.

They have this kind of offer on a fairly regular basis. I’ve never purchased a gift card for somebody else without getting something like that in return.