Free "Party" and Yacht Cruise around Turtle Island

Free “Party” and Yacht Cruise around Turtle Island

This one sounds fun, so I’ll put it up here in case they are interested. I won’t be able to go, but I think someone should.

[quote=“Toe Save”]Hey HOs,


Just thought I’d share this with all ye scurvy knaves. Sorry for the short notice, but if you are available, please come on out to a:

Free “Party” and Yacht Cruise around Turtle Island

Friday (Weather Permitting, Date and Time may change.).

Fill out the form I’ve provided with your name, DOB, ARC/ID/Passport number for insurance purposes. They’ve asked for the list of names by tonight. If you want to come, fill out the form before 9:00PM please.

Be at the Ilan Port by 11:00AM. We will be back before dark.

You will be part of a prop party on a “luxurious” yacht, so posh it up please. Snacks and soda will be served. BYOP. They will provide pop and snacks only…but if you want anything else, pack it aboard.

Families and dogs welcome.

Limited to 75 people.

I will email everyone a map and contact number on Thursday.

Did I mention you can watch us fish a rhino out of the sea.

Tally Ho! (Hally Toe?)[/quote]

What’s this for? What’s your involvement? What’s CareyTeacher’s (Taoyuan square pizza) involvement? Some people are being paid?

I don’t know anything about it, but I know if Toe is involved it’s got to be a hoot. I guess it’s too late to register now.