Free VOIP internet telephony to land-lines: VOIPbuster

Hi, I just saw this on a German discussion board, downloaded it and called our land-line number here in Taiwan - no problem, free calls to land lines in the US, the UK, Taiwan, Germany, and many many other countries … beats skype! :slight_smile: Enjoy, Xpet.

From their FAQ : Is VoipBuster available for Mac OS, Linux, Palm OS, Pocket PC…?

Currently, VoipBuster is only available for Windows. Stay tuned for more information about other platforms.


Note tricky wording – the “unlimited” free calls could either be unlimited one-minute-each calls AND only if you register, or unlimited in duration if you register.

I am betting that they require registration and a credit-card purchase of € 1 in order to use the service at all, and then only for one-minute-duration free calls (plus all the paid calls you want, of course). If anyone tries it, please post.

I saw the 1 EUR thing after signing up, but I could use the service without paying up first, but all calls, that seems to be right, are limited to 1 min if you don’t pay. What they wrote to me (registration confirmation e-mail) was that once you pay 1 EUR, you have unlimited calls, not sure whether I understood that correctly or how it works, but I’m actually happy with free 1 minute calls for now … :wink:

Downloaded it. Will check this out further.

um…i haven’t tried it yet, but it seems like a scam,
check out da ratez,

how can they list Canada calling for free? impossible, i dont see how they could survive, I spend (as well as my friends) $20/month calling US/Canada, and so do others, other companies would collapse if they offered free unlimited calling to these destinations.

Even their Taiwan landline is free, which should be impossible.

I predict this company will go bankrupt soon, in da meantime, will use it dis weekend and see how da quality is :slight_smile:

Not so impossible. I was calling the US/Canada for Free for months with Delta Three ( five years ago, and they’re still around.

hey guys,

be careful with this, after installing it,
my PC started acting strangely, so I
uninstalled it before it crashes my hdd

one example is: my display has started
blinking all of a sudden, that’s enough reason
for me to get rid of it…


I take it back, their service is amazing, I tried over da weekend and spent hours chatting wid friends. Its really good quality, just as good as voipjet, unfortunately I can’t get it to work in Linux, I tried setting up my SIP client XLite, but it kept saying call rejected not sure why. Their windows software works fine though.

Hopefully they dont change their service fees/quality anytyme soon.

I can hear ppl, but ppl can not hear me.

Everything is fine when I chat using other applications, such as netmeeting.

What do u think is wrong?

Thank you, :)!

[quote=“New2Commuting”]I can hear people, but people can not hear me.

Everything is fine when I chat using other applications, such as netmeeting.

What do u think is wrong?

Thank you, :slight_smile:![/quote]

um…it worked out of the box for me, not sure…simplest idea would be to just check the volume settings and make sure the mic is not muted.