Free Wireless Hotspots in Taipei

Here are the only 2 I know of, so far:

Taipei Tourism Office - in the underground mall between chung hsiao/fu hsing and chung hsiao/tun hua metro stations. Stays on all the time, so if you go there and it’s closed you can sit at the plastic tables down the hall for the gov’t employment agency and connect.

IS Coffee - next door to Hooters, just off the nan jing/fu hsing intersection. I’m not sure if this hot spot actually belongs to IS or the neighbor. It was labled ‘EzLink’; the girl who was working there said that branch did not have wireless, but it did and I was able to connect with my mac. A bit chunky, but it’s free.


well, outside the CKS Airport VIP room area you can also hook up for free :wink: I remember there’s a restaurant area outside where you can sit


Here’s a link … 1_1463.htm

Can an old Acer Travelmate 515T hook up?

How does one hook up. Is blue tooth needed or just Infra red???

Need anything special? … quirements

This will answer most of your questions. Just scroll down.

Thanks, now I know that I can’t use it.

Forgot to mention: Every apple vendor I’ve been to has free wireless. Except maybe the one in Eslite, cuz they kind of suck and their employees are lackwit sheep. Plus, it’s not exactly convenient.