Freight Forwarder to Aussie

Anyone had experience with freighting personal effects to Australia? I just want to freight boxes - up to 100kg. I want something of minimal cost and reliable service of course.

the post office will be cheapest. You will have to split your belongings out onto several parcels.

If that’s impossible, then try a freight forwarder. For 100 KG, you are looking at a airfreight bill to oz on about 9500NT$, excluding cartage and customs on the Australian side.

If the goods are personal there will be no Customs. If they are new you will be charged GST. If they are over AUD$500 in value they will be inspected regardless.

A friend did a fair bit of research and came down on the PO as the best bet. Funny that it can go sea mail to oz but there is no sea mail oz to taiwan :loco:

Actually, this is one quote I got from Jupiter freighters:

[quote]We offer you our export charges from TPE to MEL(Melbourne):

1.Air freight: +45 kg TWD 79.00/PER KG
+100 kg TWD 71.00/PER KG
+500 kg TWD 67.00/PER KG
+1000 kg TWD 61.00/PER KG
War risk surcharge : TWD 1.60/PER KG
Fuel surcharge : TWD 2.00/PER KG
Flight schedule : TPE ~ SIN ~ MEL (Daily flight)
By SQ air lines

2.Handling charge: TWD 600.00/PER SHIPMENT

3.Terminal charge: From 1 ~ 300 kg TWD 5.00/PER KG
Over 301 kg TWD 1.50/PER KG

4.Document fee: TWD 200.00/PER SHIPMENT

5.Pick-up charge:

Its important to “denewify” your personal effects before going through customs. Presents can be a problem though.

Sure… but as a rule - Oz Customs will not check anything - new or old if the value is less than AUD$500 (which I think has been raised?)

A lot of people (myself included) buy numerous items from overseas. I get the sneder to mark the value at less than $500. I estimate I have shipped/received a total of close to 50 packages. Not one has been hit with a fee. They did check some of our personal effects into Australia though.

Taiwan Post has an agreement with Oz Post. We have nothing but 100% luck with this.