French Books

I’m a French teacher and am looking for some french teaching books to help me start with one of my beginner students. If anyone knows where I could find some it would be greatly appreciated.


Another possible option: Le Pigeonnier (信鴿法國書店), located at 9, ln 97 Songjiang Rd, Taipei (台北市松江路97巷9號).

Fnac does not have a great choice of French books. It’s only few french literature and the rest is the french version English/Chinese literature. Sad and very disappointing.

Have to check out le pigeonnier. Thanks for the hint fee!

this has been a few years but there was some kind of french teaching club or association near the adventist hospital, on ba de road, same side as hospital, on an upstairs floor of the long row of shops between the hospital itself and the next traffic light up. definitely a stretch but if you’re in the neighborhood take a look.

try online?

Caves Books actually has a pretty good variety of French texts. Everything from beginner to more academic. Chungshan North Rd., just South of Minchuan.


Thanks everyone,
I’ll check out these places and let you know where the best deals are.