Fresh Mint

I am craving a Mojito and I need fresh mint for it. I have went to all the “foreign supermarkets,” i.e. Carrefour, Welcomes, Tesco, Jason’s, but all have the same cilantro, parsley, basil, and possibly sage, rosemary and thyme. I have also tried the Shidong market, but got the same list as above.

Any suggestions?

The Weekend flower market on Jianguo Rd

The morning flower market in Neihu and the flower markets in ShrLin on, I believe, Wenlin Road, all carry fresh mint plants.

Mint, like other herbs, benefits and grows in “fuller” from being cut back so the nice thing about buying a live plant is that it will actually grow better as you use the leaves.

Thanks, for the help. I will check around Wenlin tommorrow, and if not, the weekend flower market.

As for live plants, I prefer them over the packaged herbs. At my house is Marlyand, I had basil, mint, rosemary, cilantro, oregano, lemon grass, thyme, and sage plants. The rosemary plant was actually like a large shrub and supplied most of the townhouses in the neighborhood.

Anyone seen fresh mint at City Super? Planning on checking Jianguo flower market first but not sure how late they’re open. City Super could be a backup plan.

Look for potted plants on your way there :smiley: I just gather my mint from my lovely neighbours (permission and all)!

YOu’ll find overpriced mint at Jason’s. I think they might have some in the former B&Q too, potted.

I think I saw mint at City Super. But I think it’ll cost you more than getting a potted mint plant from the flower market.

Mint sells for something like 80nt/plant at the flowermarkets. It is fairly hardy and grows well for me. I have tons of the stuff, and use it to make mint milk teas, never thought to put it in cocktails… I have a cocktail book arriving soon so I guess I can put it to good use!

Mint sells for something like 100NT/plant at the flower markets, and 80 NT per tiny box at the gourmet supermarkets, so it’s obviously worth buying the plant, and then, when it eventually dies, buying another potted plant, instead of tolerating absurd supermarket prices. :loco:

Thanks for the tips, everybody. I ended up tolerating the prices at City Super, for convenience and to save time. I also tolerated the resulting mojitos quite well. :slight_smile:

Sometime when I have a decent balcony I’ll get some decent potted mint, basil, thyme etc.

A mojito sounds good!

And to make a proper Mai Tai, you need a mint garnish. (You also need orgeat syrup, which I brought from the States :slight_smile: )