Fresh Off The Boat TV

Anyone watch this? I’ve never been able to get through a full episode.

Heard an interview with actor Randall Park and book author Eddie Huang.

They hired an Asian accent coach to teach the native English language speakers how to speak English with a Taiwanese accent.

Later they realized they scammed themselves because not all Asians speak with the same English accent and Taiwanese don’t speak much English anyway and there is no one accent :rofl:

It has it’s moments, but it’s pretty lightweight overall. Apparently, Eddie Huang hates the show and has disavowed it completely. He wanted to do something more edgy.

i’ve seen his food show and his schtick is ‘immigrant this immigrant that’. his ‘food’ show was focusing on a different hard done by immigrant group in almost every episode, then he comes to taiwan and starts talking about all the good things CKS did and just talked a lot of pro china bs, i don’t like him.

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It’s funny/interesting enough when they focus on cultural issues, because those jokes haven’t been done to death yet, but the rest of the time it’s just yet another sitcom…

…except for the happy dentist next door with a beautiful wife several decades younger.

If you don’t know what’s funny about that, don’t ask! :speak_no_evil:

The problem I have with the show is that the show does a terrible job convincing me they are a real Taiwanese American family.

For most other sitcoms, even if there are unbelievable elements within the premise, at least the core element of the show, be it the family, or friendship, has to feel real and genuine.

The fact it doesn’t feel authentic ruins the part where the sitcom has to come back from its detours. I dunno, maybe it’s just how sitcoms are now.

Yea they just don’t seem connected as a family or even friends.

I couldn’t make it through the friggin trailer.
And yeah, the guy who wrote it washed his hands of it after the first season.
No that he’s much better. What’s with this epidemic of Chip-hop ABC Internet chefs, anyways?
I saw one where he came back to Taipei with his aged parents (who appear unable to communicate in English, Mandarin, OR Taiwanese) to make food vids. they went to a big breakfast place, and he was calling everything by the wrong name.

Anyways, the dad on the show is friggin Korean!!!
More ChoDoFu-face!!!

That’s a pretty high bar that most, if not all, sitcoms don’t live up to.

Which aspect would you say is the least realistic?

It has to be the parents. The mom has traces of true here and there. Although how they interact with each other and with their children feels over the top and I can’t picture a real Taiwanese family like that.

It doesn’t help that the children speaks way better Mandarin than the parents…

So the acting/direction more than the writing?

I would say I have more issues with the writing and the dialogues. I do feel the dad is way too happy go lucky.

I find the scenes with the 3 kids interacting with friends at school more enjoyable than them interacting with their family.

My mom can speak Taiwanese and English very well. She does have a bit of an accent though. She’s been living in America since '06.

The odd episode set in Taiwan is enjoyable just to see various sites that you don’t often see on foreign TV.

There was some controversy about Constance Wu (the one who played the mom)

Well they have high bar to breach, and should use this series to breach the bar: