Fried Ice 2: Revenge of the Zamboni

Two months ago, the Fried Ice Skating party got more than 700 people together to skate around, drink, fall down, and have music tickle their frozen ear drums.

Now, Fried Ice 2: Revenge of the Zamboni is back and better than ever. This time, besides spirits and top-notch DJs, we have:
+++Orange Café Fire Troupe with two fire spinners and one hula hooper
+++Games like the limbo, shoot the duck, whistle switching, the cup game, barrel races and even couple skates (with the lights low).

And do you think you are hot stuff with the skates on? We will be having an ice dancing contest with the winner being crowned:

1st place—A bottle of Tequila and 2 passes to see LTJ Bukem on Sunday Feb 27
2nd place—Five free passes to Luxy (Friday nights only)

Fried Ice 2: Revenge of the Zamboni
Hip-hop in it’s purest forms. The Primo resident will be sure to take skaters on a journey through the underground side of music. Plus, he’s been growing his beard specifically for this event.

After suffering what many thought would be a career-ending injury jumping over a flaming zamboni going 200 kilometers an hour on ice, Aurelius is back. And this time he’s got a thick neck. All zambonies better watch their back.

( … cene-Wolf-)
In the history of Fried Ice, no one has ever done 10 laps around the ice rink while wearing a diaper and singing Whitney Houston’s latest comeback single, “Crack is Wack.” Colour Wolf dares to enter the record books with his escapades.

( … rm_FIN.jpg)
Quite the opposite of most transvestites, Bonestorm has gone to Thailand to get his Adam’s apple extended. Expect it to be vibrating to the sounds of grime, dubstep, and hooker-hop.

Steven Vigar
Known to many as that guy with the blog that everyone spanks the monkey too, Vigar once was an official equipment manager for the Edmonton Oilers farm team.

Kyle Merriman
Freshly back from a journey to take photos of Komodo Dragon testicles and orangutan nipples, Merriman promises many up close shots of the limbo.

Entrance is NT$300 which includes skate and safety equipment rental.

Get there early if you want big sizes of skates. And dress warmly. It’s cold as ICE in there!

Polar Bear Ice Skating World
8 floor, 13, Chengdu Road, Wanhua dist Taipei City (Across from Ximen MRT exit 6)

Video from last one.

Great video/soundtrack. It looks like it was a blast.

A question: Do you take requests?

My request is I want to see you smash a record into pieces and skate around the rink on them attached to D.M. 14 hole boots wearing a tutu.

Either way, I’ll be there even if you aren’t man enough to meet the challenge/request. :laughing:

I don’t have a tutu, but i promise to put people in a sled and smash them against 10 bowling pins on the ice. Cool?

and they are letting us light the ice on fire. hhhhhhhaaaaa~

Everyone that pays entry to Fried Ice 2 will get a free pass to Luxy Neon Nights. Free admission any Friday from now till the end of April

Three sets of pics from three great photographers, Kyle Merriman, Steven Vigar and Joe Russo up at

Only one bruised tailbone and a cracked chin. Oh, and some girl threw up on the ice which wasn’t very nice. But overall, wild as hell and really really fun