Friend not allowed back into tawain

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My friend’s GF got caught teaching just before chinese new years. She was here on a mulitple entry visitor’s visa and was subbing for my classes while i was at home. After being caught neither she nor my was school was fined and nothing was noted in her passport. She left a few weeks later to travel around Asia.

Now, she’s sitting in a holding room at CKS airport. They won’t let her through and have told her she’s a wanted fugitive for teaching illegally. She was never fined or charged or deported and my school was never fined either.

Why wouldn’t they have just revoked her mutiple entry visa right on the spot when she was caught? now, she’s not allowed back in taiwan for 3 years and my friend has to go bring her her things but won’t be allowed to see her. she also has to spend the night tonight at the airport.

has anyone ever heard of this happening? Christ, Ive been caught teaching kindy, the illegal of all illegals… they made copies of my passport and everything and I’m still here, ARC and all…

I have heard of a European guy (engineer) being detained for 3 hours on arrival here (for the first time) because his passport didn’t have six months in it. I think he had to go back to HK in the end. Things are getting tight obviously.

I got detained for having the same first and middle name of someone who did something wrong and got deported.

He was on a South African passport.

I was on a British passport.

I am 25.

He was something like 48.

Our last names were different.

Eventually they saw sense and let me go.

It’s just luck of the draw. Nobody, including customs, knows what they are doing and if presented with a logical solution that slaps them in the face like a wet kipper, they will do the exact opposite.

I think you should try to find out exactly what grounds and evidence they are holding her for. She left Taiwan without a hitch - if they wanted her for anything the chances are that they would have stopped her at departure.

I’m sorry for your friend. Nobody knows what Taiwan officials are thinking half the time.

Did you call her country’s representative office? They’re often about as much use as a chocolate teapot, but it’s always worth trying. They do sometimes manage to get people to see reason.

Logic? No such thing in Taiwan or China.

I thought I’d provide a link to a discussion of this over at Dave’s … dfd#219326

Gee let’s see now… a person gets caught working without a visa and now you wonder why she’s not allowed back in…

The somebody says she was denied due process… what a laugh…

A visa or immigration officer does not have to explain a visa refusal although often one is given.

Let’s see now… don’t a lot of Mexicans get deported from the USA and are barred re-entry for the same thing?..

Duh :loco: :loco: :loco:

[quote=“bushibanned”] My friend’s GF got caught teaching just before Chinese new years. She was here on a mulitple entry visitor’s visa [/quote]

Hello… your GF is busted and yet you wonder why she wasn’t allowed re-entry… Hello… IS there anybody out there?

op, maybe you’re still here until that first time you leave … there seems to be problems with coming back in for more than a few people now.

hopefully not, but worth checking in to?

Hello… your GF is busted and yet you wonder why she wasn’t allowed re-entry… Hello… IS there anybody out there?[/quote]

my FRIEND’S GF… not mine. although sometimes i wish she was deported… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sat TV has a point. They don’t need to give you a reason for not letting you in. Same applies to almost any country. Or so I have heard. That being said, I’d blow a gasket if it were me. :noway:

i just think it’s odd that she wasn’t told and that nothing was written in her passport and her multiple entry visa wasn’t revoked on the spot. The school wasn’t fined and neither was she. Therefore, she was left with the impression that nothing was going to come of it…

Yes, they tried to stop me from coming in because I didn’t have a visa… I pointed out to the idiot at the immigration counter that I didn’t need a visa and if he had bothered lokking at the passport he would have noticed it was an ROC passport.

People in the line behind me were having a good laugh at a red faced ROC official…

Immigration officers often underline things and put little codes in places or write “six” instead of “6” on your visas so that the next immigration officer knows he was suspicious but didn’t have enough to go on for a refusal.

No doubt the passenger in this case had had the visa violation recorded on a computer somewhere.