[FRNCi SpeakEasy]Let's Play Mahjong x Language Exchange

:point_right:For internationals to sign up: http://pics.ee/5F6WH

Join us for a evening of new local friends, practicing your Mandarin speaking skills, and of course playing the famous traditional Chinese board game - Mahjong.

The atmosphere will be relaxing and welcoming!
So get out the classroom and come hang with locals!

★ Event Features
:point_right:【Balanced Number】We’ll try and keep an even number of foreigners and Taiwanese for the best cultural exchange
:point_right:【Fair Grouping】Meet like-minded people with similar interests and language level
:point_right:【Playing Mahjong】We’ll teach you the basics if you’ve never played, come interact with different people from all over the world

★ Event Info
【Time】March 24th (Sat.) 14:00 - 17:00
【Meeting Point】13:50@Taipei City Mall, outside Exit Y5
【Location】Flip Flop Hostel - Garden
【Cost】250 NTD (including soft drinks & snacks)

★ Things You SHOULD KNOW

  1. :x: You can cancel your participation and get a full refund ONLY if you make your request before 24:00 of Mar. 18th.
  2. :umbrella: Should there be any unexpected weather events, we reserve the right to cancel the event. In this case, you could get either a full refund or it will go towards the rescheduled event.