From mighty Xiamen to little Kinmen, then to Taiwan

Hello everyone,

My urge to visit Taiwan has really been peaking lately (I’m pathetic I know, I’m sorry) and so I have arbitrarily decided to try and take a boat from Xiamen to Kinman, and from there go straight to Taiwan.

My questions is if anyone has done this before. I’m prety sure it’s possible for foreigners to go through both territories, but if not, then I suppose my journey would end at Xiamen. I suppose seeing Xiamen wouldn’t be a lose-lose situation, but still I’d like to try to get to Taiwan from Kinman if possible.

Have any of you ever attempted this? If not, I will be your guide as I try to go Taiwan through this manner.

There’s a recently bumped thread (by me) on this topic and it has been done by someone on the board.

Yep, seems doable. Look at the threads with Kinmen or Xiamen in the thread title, using the search function :slight_smile:

For example this here: