FSI Standard Chinese course: Are the learned language skills useful in Taiwan?

I’m learning Chinese by systematically working through the old FSI course, titled “Standard Chinese: A Modular Approach”, located at https://www.fsi-language-courses.net/fsi-standard-chinese-a-modular-approach/ . I really like the course and am maybe 15-20% done so far.

I wanted to confirm that learning Mandarin from this course will in fact allow me to be understood in Taiwan. For example, here is the most advanced conversation at the end of the course:

Would this kind of language be understandable in Taiwan? Can I expect to be able to lead daily life in Taiwan (e.g. going to the city offices for registration/tax issues, renting an apartment, etc.) by learning “Standard Chinese”? Are there locations in Taiwan – maybe in the countryside? – where Standard Chinese would not be understood by the locals?

I realize that even after completing this course, the journey has just begun and significant self-study afterwards will still be needed: learning new vocabulary; learning reading/writing; and practice with other native-level materials like radio shows and TV shows.

The Chinese as spoken in that conversation would be comprehensible for the most part, but the accent will sound really grating to the Taiwanese ear. There’s enough useful vocabulary and sentence patterns that the material should be useful I guess. If you can find recordings with a more neutral accent it would help you sound a little less like you just stepped off the plane after five years in Beijing.

If you are going to stick with the FSI material, I’d suggest listening to a lot of recordings of Taiwanese Mandarin speakers so you can adjust your accent a bit.

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