Fujien little toe

Fujien little toe,…
…any idea what this refers to? :?

No ideas?
Someone mentioned this to me but won’t tell me what it refers to,…some kind of a Taiwan joke?

Is this in Chinese? What is the Chinese for this? The literal translation means nothing.

Isn’t it what you say when you bang you foot ? “I’ve just stubbed my fukien little toe” (that joke doesn’t work in hanyu pinyin)

Or is it slang for part of the body ?

Maybe that’s what they call Xianggang jiao (Hong Kong foot/athlete’s foot) in Hong Kong :wink:


It was said in English.



I think she is telling you your feet smell like a horses ass.

Aloha mon frere,

not my feet dude. someone said , “she showed me her Fujian little toe”.

I wonder if it’s like ‘camel’s toe’.