Full Country Water rationing in April? (2015)

Heard it’s happening soon. 4/8

Do you have any kind of a source for that?

Just word though the grapevine, hence the question.

It’s happening in Hsinchu.

Starting April 6, some areas of Taichung, Miaoli, and Changhua will see a suspension of water supply for two days each week, in a government effort to deal with a severe drought in central Taiwan



Looks like I will be forced to drink iced teas from the convenience store all summer.

My question is does this kind of ration even work? People are just going to store up as much water in tubs and buckets as they when when there is water, then most of that water is going to be wasted.


This I guess.

Probably not. Even if it does it is not going to be enough.

Cynical side of me says it is just political posturing so that when we eventually do run out they can blame it on us!


We opened up the sink drain and are collecting the water to use in the garden.
Use a tub to collect shower water to flush toilets.

Honestly they really should close the swimming pools! :sideeye:

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This is from 2015.

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Yes, found out, but was driving, couldn’t update

Some bigger buildings have tanks that go for about 2-3 days. But I guess they’ll save water by shutting down leaking water mains for two days.