Full moon ride, Hualien to Dulan : Mon 18th

Any takers for a full-moon bike ride, this Monday 18th, Hualien to Dulan, along Highway #11. Distance ~ 150km.
Leave town about 4pm, arrive midnight - 4am (???). Unorganised, no feeding stations, no back-up. Just you, the bike, and the moonlight.

Heavy rain will cancel. I’m hoping to find someone to drive a support car to take bags, tents, etc., but that’s not happened yet.

It’s going to be epic for me as I haven’t ridden such long distances for a while.

Items suggested:
Helmet (optional), puncture repair kit, spare inner tube, multi-tool, Id (ARC, passport), phone, front/rear lights.
Food / water as required. Plenty of options along the route to stock up. 7-11 / Family Mart in Chenggong, Donghe etc. for later in the ride.

We have floor space in Hualien on Sunday night, if there’s anyone interested in this quick 150km :slight_smile:.
Still also looking for a driver.

We now have a driver, will leave Hualien about 8pm (4 hours after we start the ride). Carrying personal bags, tents etc. if required. Accomm in Dulan can also be arranged.

at the moment there’s 3-4 of us riding this on Monday, weather seems reasonable - no storms or typhoons out there.
Starting point will be near the beach volleyball courts at Beibin Park, meet 15.45 to 16.00.
No registation required or anything, so if you find yourself in Hualien with a bike and 10 hours to kill, show up :thumbsup:

Sounds awesome, have fun, be safe!

Fun as in like “both my friends have to abandon the ride, and then I pull out also because I don’t want to ride solo”? We rode about 5km in the end before turning around and heading back for coffee :smiley:. 1 medical family emergency, 1 trashed back wheel.

The next 2 full moons are out, so this may get rescheduled for Oct 16th, Sunday evening.

Have fun! I wish I had time for this ride :slight_smile: