Full service for a bike

Where can I go to get a full service for my bike - like an annual MOT test, the works. Whenever I ask bike shops to check it over, it’s always minimally even when I state that I wish to pay for a ‘service’. I’m going to do the round Taiwan ride at New Year and want complete confidence in my bike.

It probably helps if you don’t take it in to get a job done at the same time. I just got my wheels rebuilt and asked for it to be checked/serviced. As it was, I paid a very reasonable $1800 for both wheels inc labour, and I asked if he’d found any problems and he said no. But I hadn’t paid any extra for a full service. Taking it out for a ride later, I found the discs need at least adjusting, if not replacing because they’re a little out of true.

There’s a bike shop across from where the Tianmu Pig and Whistle used to be, if you have lived here long enough to remember that. The owner is James and he runs the shop with his brother, and they are by all I’ve heard extremely knowledgeable about bikes and they provide impeccable service. My friend had his bikes serviced there regularly, and remarked that they have a “western” approach to service. I would love to have them serice my bikes, but I live too far away.
Give them a try. I don’t have the exact address, but they are on the north corner of Tianmu East Road (天母東路) and Zhongcheng Road Section 2 (忠誠路二段)

Just to add further details to the post above:
Auranden Bikes (二輪黨)

The owners are brothers–James and Prince. They are very knowledgeable and provide service far above the normal.
:thumbsup: recommended