Fulong Hotels

Does anybody have a number or a website for a decent hotel in Fulong?


I recently stayed at a place on the main road very near the intersection with the “train station” road. The name of the hotel is Eki Leisure House. It was modern and clean, but not fancy. There are only about six rooms total. More of a B&B sort of place without the breakfast. They have a small sitting area and bar as you enter where some limited drinks and food are available.

Prices: Higher when I was there due to demand caused by events in Fulong that weekend. However, they posted prices of NT $1,300 for a two-person room, and up to NT $2,400 for a four-person room, although we actually paid NT $2,000 for a four-person room. That was likely the busiest weekend of the year for them, so during normal times, you might press for cheaper rates.

Amenities: Beds, TV, A/C, bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower but no shower stall or tub (nozzle mounted on wall), modern fixtures. Tiny refrigerator in the hallway to share.

Pros: Location. Center of town, right across from the main beach. Owner is a nice old man who is quite reasonable.

Cons: Manager is owner’s daughter who is money-hungry. After we’d had a reservation for weeks, we called back to confirm, and she complained that the room was too cheap and they needed to charge more than the agreed-upon price because of demand that weekend. In the end, she didn’t charge more.

Contact Info:
(02) 2499-1552
Email might be louischs@ms26.hinet.net