Fun Live Music at Peshawar

[quote]Dave Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers
are playing blues and jug-band jazz

This Saturday 9:00pm, March 13, 2004
Peshawar, Shida Road Lane 80, No. 3
Admission is NT$250, includes a drink

This is going to be a special show – we’re the last
performance before Peshawar changes management - also,
the neighbors upstairs who always complain have moved
out, so we’re going to play till we drop!

Hope to see you there!

You have been warned!

I’ll be there in spirit!


Sandman is a muddy basin rambler ? I always suspected as much…

Sandman hasn’t been with them for too long, so I suppose he’s really a Muddy Basin Toddler.
And he’s not the only Muddy Basin Forumosan.