Fungi could be the future

More like:

It’s more rooster balls, snappy on the outside, mellow inside. Taste would be like roasted nuts.

Yes, but whose nuts?

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Does that affect the flavor?

I’m afraid I’m not qualified to answer. I just haven’t eaten enough nuts.

I’ll try to look it up online

Careful…a lot of those sites are NSFW. :wink:

I’m on Allrecipes now, seems ok

Just keep scrolling…

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Off topic! Mod?

Ingredients search: balls

And you thought you could escape the California lifestyle.

Well, I knew coming to Taiwan wasn’t exactly escaping the mold, but I was still hoping to keep insects out of my diet…call me naive.

It’s like you don’t even care about your health!

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Don’t tell me…they taste like chicken?

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They used to sell “paleo” smoothies and pizza at my gym that were made from cricket flour.

living in a developed western country

still eating bugs

Yeah, i don’t know about that…

What sounds worse?

Cricket flour or ground crickets, cricket grounds?

The big thing with eating bugs is the FCR and input/waste streams.

straight facts dictate most people that eat processed shit wont notice anyway. Firstly most of us already eat bugs. think crab, prawn, clam, escargot etc. all “bugs” for arguments sake, though not insects to be fair. Many are made into processed crap foods like flours (such as cricket flour). Every time you eat a hot dog, marshmellow, hamburger, fish/shrimp/squid/pork-ball-type-hot-pot-something realism its about as nasty as any cricket ball you would eat. and it was WAY more efficient to make.

but i agree, fungi are a very cool thing. just wait til we find out that fungi played the long game like china, and once we started wearing them they just digested up after controlling our motor functions to climb up a tree and die so they can sporulate. then we’ll be sorry…

PS. vegans: fungi are closely aligned to animals. they even digest similar to us. they are more than plants. people just need to grow up and admit they dont like killing things that resemble our own species more than others. something with legs and eyes are harder to kill than a leaf…its simple, why keep denying it? the buddhists here would have so much more free time here if they could just fess up and move on.

Many people have already fungi in their bloodstream, HK FEET and other fungi stuff.