Fungi could be the future

Fungi could be the solution to replacement of wood, leather and many other things.

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Damn right. Fungi are powerful and mysterious as hell.

It’s fascinating that a delicious food can be used in many other ways.

I read an article about them recently that said some of them can even break down plastics. Wild.

Vegans, fungi leather is the way to go. Wait, fungi is a living creature. :thinking:

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@overnightoats666, get in here

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Mushrooms are not sentient beings.
Can’t tell if this is bait.

Checkmate, vegans!

(joke btw)

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Interesting article. I thought it was some dairy council funded clickbate trash, but it’s actualy well researched.

Jellyfish don’t have nervous systems are you okay with people killing them?

No bait, I think it’s interesting. Lot’s of possibilities. And very soon lab grown meat.

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I know, I know I’m joking haha.

Will lab grown meat have trans fat and cholesterol?

I’m all for it if it’s a healthier alternative and has less of a negative effect on the environment. I don’t know much about it though.

Imagine, a juice insect-fungi burger.

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That surely is a good study, who would have thought that Fungi will be a great alternative to those stuff mentioned above.

Taiwan is a great place for fungal development. Mold grows everywhere here, including in my neighbors walls and in clothes.


Looks very promising.

Well, i love blue cheese, gorgonzola and all that sort of stuff, so i’m ready to welcome this kind of stuff.

So basically in a few years we’re all going to be eating bugs and wearing mushrooms? Kill me now…


No no, the insect stuff is dreadful, but food that uses mold is something I could accept.

In before:“But a study shows that insect proteins are…” ->, I’ll have a steak, you swallow a gallon of minced and liquefied dung beetles.

Oh how naive you are. Guess what that steak is going to be made out of? Hint: not me.