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Looks like we have to unfriend Taiwan.

I remember asking for medium rare steak at the very mediocre Wang’s Steaks once. It came to me well-done. I sent it back and emphasized I wanted it medium rare. I even showed pictures of how I wanted it on Google images. They kept asking “are you sure?” And I said “yes, yes.” They reluctantly agreed and came back 10 minutes later with a piece of meat that can only be described as raw. :man_facepalming:

If you want a good steak here, you have to buy a cut at Costco and cook it yourself. That’s really the only way.


“Block” looks perfect. I like to call it “cooked”


I’ve never quite understood the 1-10 system here for ordering steak. My first encounter, I guessed that 1=rare and 10=well done, so I asked for 3 (分? I forget the measure word). They looked horrified. 5? Still horrified. I think I eventually settled on 7. But why have that big a scale if you’re not even going to use #1-6?

Anyway, then came the news about Tasty steaks being reconstituted meat, and I may not have eaten a restaurant steak here since.


Ewww… I never even heard about that, and I’ve been there. :nauseated_face: I think I gave up on ordering steaks at restaurants here when even the cook at the only Ruth Chris (a famous high-end steakhouse chain from the states) couldn’t properly prepare my steak. And that cost like 2,000 NTD from memory. You’d think they’d at least know what “medium rare” is. What a rip-off. I don’t eat steak often these days, but when I do I splurge on one of those pricey rib-eyes or sirloins from Costco and prepare it myself. I’m not the best chef in the world, but I can make a decent steak and cooked just how I want it. :+1:


The news was a long while back, apparently around 2004 (!). Here’s a Taipei Times article about it:

I was sure we had a thread, but I can’t find it now - just a couple of posts:

Chinese-language article linked to in the second post:

Unfortunately the China Post article that @Icon links to in the first post is dead. What on earth happened to the China Post website?! Does it even have a search function anymore? I wound up searching using the “” command, but I couldn’t find the article Icon linked to. Ditto Taipei Times, actually. Searching for Taiwan news seems weird.

You posted in the wrong thread. This should be in the You Know You’ve Been in Taiwan Too Long thread. :sunglasses:



Snow plow…


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Only those who listen to beats to study to on Youtube will get this one.


That’s genius.

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So I guess a couple of light taps are OK?

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And maybe a little tickling. :sunglasses:

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Is this a place you frequent often?


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No way. I get all my dildos from vending machines. :grin:

Why? Because the vending machines don’t care if you hit others with the dildos?

No judgmental looks from the cashiers…and I like the satisfying thud of the dildo falling down into the tray.

Are they judgemental looks or flirty looks?

Sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience with this.