Funny Political Pictures





I was thinking about it just yesterday. Women get stomped by transgender men in sports, now Miss Universe… the whole “smash teh patriarchy!1!1” thingy isn’t going too well for them, they’re actually being replaced by feminized men (some more so than others).



Yes, transgender men are like Trojan horses, infiltrating enemy lines and beating women at their own game. It’s genius!


aww. Someone should get the poor retarded kid another icecream.


And maybe spike it with testosterone.




I don’t really think this is funny. I think it’s an insult to those with autism whom often live lives as productive members of society. I would know.


My apologies to you, and all other Canadians. Humor is supposed to be a little transgressive (apologies to all trans people), but I should have realized that in the current year, nothing is funny anymore.


I think you missed my point. I think someone who is autistic would probably not see the humour in being associated with the idiocy that is politics in both countries and a lot of countries. I think autistic people are smarter than that and the picture implies that the autistic person is of lower intelligence. I didn’t say I was insulted, I just didn’t think it was funny. I’m not speaking for anyone else but myself. No need to go to the other extreme either. I’m against a lot of extreme PC culture too, but implying a group of people is stupid isn’t humour dude IMHO.


Actually, I think you missed my point, but that’s OK.


I disagree. The dumpster fire that is Modern Britain is run by people who are pretty damn smart. They’re just not very good at using their smarts.

So “autistic” is probably the right word.


So you’re saying Autistic people are not very good at using their smarts?


Autism is principally a theory-of-mind dysfunction, leading to problems in social interaction.

The leadership of the UK seem singularly incapable of comprehending the thought processes of the electorate or their opponents in Europe.

See why it’s funny?



They’re not displaying poor theory of mind, they’re simply out of touch with on-the-ground reality.