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Plaid Shirt Guy :crazy_face:






Coming up on two years in, and the MSM is still going with the strategy of ‘if we publish something bad enough about Trump then his support will peel away.’ Hence the lionization of McCain, the porn star, her lawyer, Comey, Manigault … and ending up with the anonymous NYT opinion piece that ended up confirming Trump’s distrust of the Deep State, the lion du jour.

Problem is credibility of the MSM given their pro-Democrat bias. Bigger problem is, what happens if this strategy doesn’t work come November - and it hasn’t worked yet.



But I want Donald Trump to win his re-election; How else are we going to get our daily dose of highbrow political soap opera as he battles treason and sedition and a bunch of “low-lives”, “very low-IQ persons”, porn stars and “that dog”? It’s also such an inspiration for the rest of the world to witness the unwavering support Trump enjoys from true, real patriotic Americans in spite of the no good Fake News Media. And who doesn’t love Trump’s words of wisdom he relentlessly imparts on Twitter? I do hope Donald Trump will stay president forever to bring the rest of the world joy and laughter and prevent the stock market from crashing and making everybody poor. I will certainly do what I can to help. You can buy me an ice cream when he wins the re-election! :kissing_heart:






The Donald (President Trump) has done a great deal for America’s economy, global influence, armed services, veteran’s affairs, global peace, retraction of Obama’s socialist policies, and other interventions. Those who disagree are usually liberals who are brainwashed by socialist policies. Let me challenge you to find a socialist country that is prospering overall.


You mean your average Canadian?





Absolutely. Justin Trudeau is a joke. His father was better, but not by much. Parizeau would have been a killer PM. “Money and the ethnic vote” or “Par l’argent pis des votes ethniques, essentiellement.”. I was pro Québécois independence, although I have no skin/dog in the race.


Are you québécois?


A sympathizer.


Over or under 30?


Over, alas