Funny Political Pictures


I respected Separitist Rene Levesque because he was very pro-American and instituted the cleanest campaign finance laws in North America. He was a populist in every sense, which is why his personality clashed with Trudeau Sr.`s elitism.

But the Quebecois of today? I think they have grown up and realised independence was a pipe dream of the 68 generation, it is not economically feasible, and they should move on.

That being said, the rest of Canada does subsidize them too much/make too many allowances for them. Whether through supply management that favors Quebec dairy ( I hope Trump dismantles these in NAFTA renegotiations), a bilingualism policy that reflects the Plains of Abraham timeframe and not the multicultural 21st Century, or the over-representation in political appointments, they get spoiled. If only Maxime Bernier won the Tory nomination – he really could have stirred shit up.











“We had only one glass of milk left! Obama drank it.”
Great work, bot!

But 1000hrs of Trump rallies is torture, even for a bot.
I guess we are getting closer and closer to the robot revolution













IF the allegations prove wrong ,it is sad that other ,deserving, accusers may find it harder to be believed.