The robot revolution thread

I propose a thread to keep us up to date about developments in AI, not so much the technology itself as how it affects society.

For starters:

“Human rights aren’t just for humans anymore!” :grinning: :robot: :rainbow:

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I think we should check if it’s safe to discuss it first.

Is this topic a good idea?
@discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: Yes


Ok, we are safe to go!

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This thread should be renamed to “The countdown to Judgment Day Thread”

Even though this is what I currently do for a living, I keep wondering if it’s wise to deploy AI in a massive scale before we even understand how a neural network can give rise to emotions.


We can’t control people yet and we are trying con’troll’ing AI?

Nope, we (Forumosa) only have anti-spam AI so far. Anti-troll AI comes later.

If we’re lucky, the robots will keep humans as pets.

Worst case scenario: they exterminate us as vermin.

Now the transhumanists might be able to make an arrangement. Meet them halfway.

I bet that’s what God’s friends said to God when he flooded this planet.

Anti-troll requires context-awareness for texts, which is easily achieved now with an LSTM neural-network model. I wouldn’t be surprised if there already is a discourse module for anti-trolling out there.

It’d be a bit harder if a troll is trolling with mimes. That would require a convolutional neural-network connected into a LSTM.

@yyy is this how ai actually affects society, or how our imaginations want/anticipate it will go?

Is society not a construct of our imaginations?
@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: My reply is no

Well then I’m stumped. I guess I need to be upgraded. :doh:

I’d say there’s no rush with the AI research. I don’t need my sex robot telling me all about her “feelings.”


You asked a question in the negative and the bot replied no. = yes it’s a metal construct.
… which opens a can of worms. My mind is meat. One which has fabricated society. So if I ditched the meat body and uploaded, what is left of society? I’d finally be free from evolution-mandated behaviors, but then what? Without chemistry-driven compulsion what is left? All thought is synaptic firings. How can AI ever resemble thought?I wanna be a computer :expressionless:

More evidence that yyy and discobot are one and the same.

Is x not y? No, it is not (y). No paradox there.

@Milky, we’ve been over this before, but clearly you haven’t heard the Good News: the Kingdom (Empire) of Discobot is within! :robot: :rainbow:

Ya. I forgot this forum was full of English teachers. Yes, we have no bananas today.