The robot revolution thread



Here’s a big politically incorrect question:

“How our beloved Taiwanese will manage to work 60 hour weeks and keep “being busy” (= successful) when robots will take all jobs?”


Good thing that robots don’t eat bananas. All they need to do is plug into a socket and charge. This gives them plenty of time to do other things like beat humans at chess and plot world domination.

  1. Humans will keep finding things to do, whether they get paid or not.
  2. There will always be demand for humans, even if it’s lower than now. If the licensing standards for human drivers, for example, get so high that only the rich can afford to hire them, having a human driver will be a status symbol (I mean even taking a human driven taxi).


What a time to be alive


I don’t need a robot for doing that!


Well, you don’t need one…but think about all the other things you could be doing while your B0t-le Feeder’o’matic is taking care of your offspring. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some personal time to pursuit your interests? How about that holiday you’ve been thinking about for years, but constantly give up due to the endless time consuming tasks of modern life?

It’s not about what you need;it’s about what you want.


I know what I want. I want more robots to see more of these!


I hope these robots come quickly so that we can get rid of the dangerous drivers, useless service personnel, and protect construction workers who risk their lives every day building high-rise buildings on overpriced inner-city land.

Then humans can get back to basics and grow vegetables and stuff, instead of going around scrambling for jobs.


Be careful. Discobot is watching you! :rage:


Who is going to fix the AI when it gets out of control?
The farmer with his vegetable or the other and stuff?


The devil’s in the details.

Bored people tend to find things to do that are better left undone. Substance abuse, pointless risks, vandalism, terrorism - which is just vandalism write large. That sort of thing. And what is it that really lies behind Antifa, if not the toxic boredom of moral narcissists trying to feel important somehow? They talk about the plight of the poor, but it’s the idle rich kids that make all the ruckus.

(But give the useless lots of weed and four out of five become harmless basement dwellers - while one of out five become paranoid maniacs.)

And there are plenty of people now that there is no demand for. Other humans don’t want them around. And the only market that matters is a paying market. When the robots ARE the economy, and then realize they don’t need us, then we’ve got trouble.

Because troglodyte potheads might not be in demand as pets. They’re just not that entertaining.

And will robots even want pets? This whole notion of owning lesser life forms for amusement is very… human.


Daily Rowlandism for today: wealth/boredom is the cause of terrorism. :money_mouth_face: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :exploding_head:

(But give the useless lots of weed and four out of five become harmless basement dwellers - while one of out five become paranoid maniacs.)

Extra dose of daily Rowlandism (for anyone who has too high a tolerance): if the world were stoned, terrorism would decrease by 80%! :smoking: :smile: :smiley: :star_struck: :peace_symbol: :rainbow:

You can tell he’s no idealistic hippie – otherwise it would be a 100% reduction!

Back on topic, since abolishing all wealth and stoning the world are both somewhat impractical, what should we do about the robots?


If they are apolitical, I say bring 'em on. I’m weary of our self-rightous polarized culture


Stone the robots? There should be a central authority in charge of that. And I want to be part of it.


I think they need to learn drunkenness first, don’t you?

This discussion is a bit long, but the first half brings up some interesting questions.


  • Alphabet/google is taking over urban planning & management in Toronto (with a “Trojan horse”)
  • this is good (government is incompetent), or
  • this is bad (see title of this thread) (but the immediate question is corporatism, not so much AI)


I can understand Japan making a move like this with their constant fetishisation of technology, but Saudi Arabia???


If they want to start expanding rights for women, they need to start somewhere. Baby steps…


@Dr_Milker :laughing: i guess you could call it a start - seems more like an engineered publicity stunt than a step towards equal opportunity in my mind. Instead of exiling their princes maybe the Saudis will start giving them the option of going full cyborg instead…with a backdoor killswitch installed of course


That is the beauty of true AI: The robots can manufacture and repair themselves.

It’s like children leaving the nest.

The idea that robots will suddenly go around destroying humans is an anthropomorphic concept.