The robot revolution thread


It’s like children burning the nest down.

Nothing anthropomorphic about it. Whenever a superior species emerges, it exterminates all direct competition in self defense, leaving only those organisms that do not compete directly.

Humans, however, have been especially good at it. Because evolution itself evolves. It’s unlikely the robots will be less efficient.

Humans exterminated the sabretooth and domesticated the wolf. When we no longer needed dogs, we bred them into absurd forms for our own idle amusement. These are the two possibilities. If we have descendants, they will be two-legged shi-tzus and weiner dogs.


Robots are not a species, nor biological, nor do they constitute organisms, as they are not organic.

You continue to anthropomorphize the children of humanity itself: the selfless, mechanical beings that constitute the future of the universe.

It is only human programmers who can infect these perfect beings with evil ideas.


You need to think inside the box. You know, the big cube in the sky…
Borg baby


Boston Dynamics



So I guess that in 100 years, after a world conflict that leaves us in a Mad Max-like scenario, there will be people saying:“That wasn’t real AI though, it only failed because people became corrupt”.


Boston Dynamics ‘Handle’


The bullying of Boston Dynamics robot starting around 1:30 is exactly why the machines will turn against humanity.:scream:
Enjoy while you can, human! :robot:


Spot mini


We are getting closer to the D day:


Haha #nolivesmatter


Human - all too human - programmers.

Machines are beyond good and evil.


Meh… backflips… so what?

Sit down and watch this:

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