The robot revolution thread


It’s thanks to fools like you that rendition is even necessary. Know your station in life, mortal. :rage:

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:left_speech_bubble: Self-complacency is fatal to progress. — Margaret Sangster


You spelled Margaret Sanger wrong, discobot. We know all about your eugenics agenda!


Keep digging, lactovore.


Obviously an elaborate ruse to distract attention from Skynet Jr.'s eugenics program. You know who controls the Internet, right?



Do we really need to understand why AI makes its decisions? @discobot quote


:left_speech_bubble: What you see depends on what you’re looking for.


Humans are idiots, programmers are humans. Humans think they can control anything and everything. If AI runs haywire it’s a human error.


Mostly it’s because of the bad design of C.

Eric Raymond has been ranting a lot about this lately. I’ve been complaining for decades, but you can’t fight cultural inertia.

(Javascript and PHP also suck something awful.)


San Francisco, where the future is now:

They want to secede from the US over The Donald. I say let them. If anyone deserves to be ruled by machines…


Wait, I thought you were warrior-ing for capital justice. What’s with this sudden concern for the plight of the homeless and this disdain for amoral business solutions? :no_no:


There are both deserving and undeserving poor, just as there both deserving and undeserving rich. There is no fairness. I think Nancy Pelosi ought to be pushing a shopping cart down the street and screaming obscenities at passersby. That’s her proper station in life.

But oh, the hypocrisy. Social Justice Warriors warring against the down-and-outers. Limousine liberalism at its ugliest. And… robots!

You can’t fight progress. Stick some plungers on the front of those things and we’ll have Daleks.

(Daleks are the epitome of identity politics and collectivism.)

Oh, and when the government controls all the capital, that’s called socialism. Socialism is centralized capitalism. Capital without the free enterprise. The US is halfway there with the Federal Reserve, Sallie Mae and Fannie Mae.


Really? Say what you will about her, but she’s a tough old bird. In Darwinian terms, that just doesn’t seem like her fate. Unless she goes full senile…then all bets are off.


She went full senile some years back. She’s entrenched, which is not the same thing as being tough. The establishment has built a safe space around her. She can’t stand on her own, so to speak.

Remember when people here said Bubbette was tough? Same deal. (And she literally can’t stand on her own sometimes.)

Actually, Nancy’s a bit like Lenin: not tough anymore, just stiff. Embalmed and on display for the faithful to revere.

Give her a decent burial already.


Just to be clear, are you telling us these particular homeless people are innocent victims and not lazy bums who deserve what they’re getting, or are you just looking for an excuse to make Californians feel guilty about something?

Oh, and when the government controls all the capital, that’s called socialism. Socialism is centralized capitalism. Capital without the free enterprise. The US is halfway there with the Federal Reserve, Sallie Mae and Fannie Mae.

Big Tech is free enterprise, is it not?

Bit Tech is not the government (yet), is it?

Your inner Rand should be jumping for joy at the success of Big Tech, should it not?


Social Justice Warriors warring against the down-and-outers

This inspired me to click on the link because I was curious about the identity of these “Social Justice Warriors”.

The robot, produced by Silicon Valley startup Knightscope, was used to ensure that homeless people didn’t set up camps outside of the nonprofit’s office. It autonomously patrols a set area using a combination of Lidar and other sensors, and can alert security services of potentially criminal activity.

Never heard of these guys, have you? They don’t sound like Big Tech, and they don’t sound like your beloved SJW’s either.

The San Francisco branch the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been ordered by the city to stop using a robot to patrol the sidewalks outside its office, the San Francisco Business Times reported Dec. 8.

So it turns out the government is against this. So much for your socialist dystopia. :doh:

In a particularly dystopian move, it seems that the San Francisco SPCA adorned the robot it was renting with stickers of cute kittens and puppies, according to Business Insider, as it was used to shoo away the homeless from near its office.

“Contrary to sensationalized reports, Knightscope was not brought in to clear the area around the SF SPCA of homeless individuals. Knightscope was deployed, however, to serve and protect the SPCA,” A spokesperson for Knightscope told Quartz. “The SCPA has the right to protect its property, employees and visitors, and Knightscope is dedicated to helping them achieve this goal. The SPCA has reported fewer car break-ins and overall improved safety and quality of the surrounding area.”

So it’s not even clear if what supposedly happened happened. And you’re all about innocent-until-proven-guilty, Mr. Special Election :howyoudoin: so… you’ll have to try harder.


You dwell on official doublespeak, I rightfully ignore it.

What’s happening is what’s happening. SF has been chasing off the homeless since forever. But the robots are a new wrinkle.

When they lobby to give robots the right to vote, then we will have the last piece of the puzzle. Their solution to democracy is voters without free will. I’m guessing Diebold will be involved on the software side.

Oh, and they’re also addressing the homeless problem, in a very Soviet manner.


Oh come on, Rollo! You can do better than that.

Let me know when you think of a proper response. I know you can do it! :slight_smile: :rainbow:


Big tech is not free enterprise. It’s vendor lock-in, non-compete clauses and unconscionable EULAs.

(Open source is not socialism. It’s a gift economy - reverse socialism. From each according to his willingness, to each according to his wishes.)

Computer programmers are the (near) future legislators of the world. Corporate hacks writing in Java and COBOL are the bureaucratic drones. Hackers exploiting buffer overruns are the rebels. The hackers will win in the end, and the hacks will lose. Then there will be anarchy, because the hackers agree on nothing.

From the chaos will emerge… Skynet.

The open source community will be the resistance to every one of these tyrannies in its turn. But first the libertarian naivete of Stallman and such must be jettisoned.

Open source is Galt’s Gulch. Anyone can run an open source program, but only a programmer can really control it. Power to the competent, and the illusion of power to everyone else.

I see a three-tier society emerging, with AI as the middle tier. The computer nerds are the Morlochs, and ordinary people are the Eloi. The machines will manage the Eloi, and the superior humans will manage the machines.

At least until the Singularity. After that, all bets are off.


That’s hilarious. Don’t Americans got guns anymore? How is it that nobody is using those things for target practice? Or pushing them down the stairs? Or stealing them and selling the parts? It’s only a matter of time before someone starts selling EMP weapons on eBay to deal with them.

But yeah, they do look suspiciously like Daleks. Wimpy, cappucino-sipping Daleks with unfashionable thick glasses.