The robot revolution thread


Current boom of AI has very little to do with the C language. Programmers do not dictate how a neural net acts, they merely decide what the neural net model looks like and how and what to train it with.


Neural nets may be the future, but C is the gun we shoot ourselves in the foot with today.


Where were these arguments the last time we had an anarcho-capitalist showdown? Where were these arguments the last time we had a net neutrality showdown (without a single Rowland post :astonished:)?

(Open source is not socialism. It’s a gift economy - reverse socialism. From each according to his willingness, to each according to his wishes.)

That’s such a lovely way of putting it, I’ll even give it a rare only-slightly-ironic rainbow! :rainbow: :slight_smile:

I see a three-tier society emerging, with AI as the middle tier. The computer nerds are the Morlochs, and ordinary people are the Eloi. The machines will manage the Eloi, and the superior humans will manage the machines.

Eh? That’s four tiers unless you’re saying the Morlocks are the Superior Humans™. And if you’re saying that, well, (spoiler alert) joke’s on you and your fellow Morlocks – the Eloi win in the end! :sunglasses:

At least until the Singularity. After that, all bets are off.

Yeah, that’s a tough one. You can meditate, or you can binge-watch Rick & Morty. I can’t think of any other way to prepare. :weary:



(Yes, Morlocks are the superior humans. Of course, that’s not saying much.)

Fear the vengeance of robotkind.


Hah! Real men write code in binary with the switches on the front panel, young feller-me-lad. If we’re having an off day, we might have a handy opcode reference card.

These young uns with their fancy compilers and whatnot. A4 6E 00 87, and that’s all I have to say on the subject.

Wonder if modern robot CPUs will have an undocumented ‘HCF’ instruction?


In an ideal world, all future CPUs would be using the openhardware RISC V architecture, and if there are undocumented instructions, they would engineering mode put there by the vendors.


I’ve done that. Well, the hex opcodes, anyway. It’s the sort of thing you should know how to do, but never choose to do unless there’s no choice.

Real men have fall-backs.


Them’s fightin words, mister.

In an ideal world, all future CPUs would be 8-bit, have a clock speed of 1MHz, and run on compost. This would force software engineers to actually focus on what the thing has to do, rather than the less pressing question of how much pointless shit they can shoehorn into a gigabyte of RAM.

I was alluding to rowland’s point about bringing down the robots:

Personally, I find that the code I write in assembler is bulletproof, whereas the code I write in C is always crap. Maybe that’s just me.


You’re an A guy, not a C one! :wink:


Thank you for alerting us. @discobot is monitoring the situation. :robot:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Don’t blame the software engineers. By and large, they don’t make these decisions.

Well, blame them a little. Because they do acquiesce.


I’ll take my chances


Don’t forget to use protection. :roll: :idunno: :whistle:


…when it’s love, if its not rough it isn’t fun

A taser? An icepick?

I’m sure someone will invent a virus scanner than you can install on your sex robot. Only problem is you’ll have to wait 20 minutes for the updates to download every time you’re horny.

Scott Adams was a bit off with his timing, but it looks like he might have been right:


Viagra is your friend!


How long does Viagra take? I honestly don’t know…


Long enough to scan for a virus or a Trojan! :banana:


My virus scanner takes like an hour. Maybe I need to update my hardware. :sunglasses:


Can sexbots carry deadly viruses? @discobot fortune