Funny Political Pictures


Maximum wokeness = maximum insanity.


Is that for real?

The ‘beat … meat’ rhyme is awesome. I’m guessing it was some foreign translator who guessed that the average Taiwanese bureaucrat wouldn’t be familiar with the relevant slang.


Maybe they could use some help from the Film Academy of the Philippines.


Or it was subcontracted to Taiwan News.



“Tuition for Lincoln College is $17,100 for the 2017/2018 academic year.”

Money well spent in order to receive education from such luminaries.


Archie Bunker would call him a dumb Pollack.


I like his photo. Looks like a child molester. “Basically missed the late '80s.” I think we know why. :sunglasses:


He also has a bit of that white supremacist smirk…

What u hidin there, Daniel Pollack Pelzner?



What, like Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne?


Sirhan Sirhan?






Other countries seem to do just fine.

Dead people don’t make good customers.


They do great as long as pharma customers in the US pay full retail - plus some.

What happens to all socialized medicine schemes around the world, including the newly instituted one of the USA, when that full-retail subsidation goes away?

The more interesting question would thus seem to be, is the US then expected to pass a law requiring drug companies to invest a certain $$ amount yearly, no matter their level of sales revenue?


Free blowjobs for all.


Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice House of Commons…


And we didn’t need Mexico to pay for it.