Future MRT Line and Station Map?

Does anyone know where to locate future Taipei and New Taipei MRT line and station maps that would be useful to determine where to live or buy real estate or property or open a business or for similar purposes?

Wikiland has a basic map.

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As far as real estate and planned mrt stations, people with money will always be one step ahead of you (and this is true everywhere in the world). But even being a step behind in the past has been enough in Taipei for a decent profit. I have no idea whether this still holds true today. It seems to me that real estate gains will not be easy anymore and a long-term outlook is needed. Just my opinion, though.

I concur. You can already see this when you drive along the Airport MRT. Some new developments but far fewer than I thought and most still seem to be empty.

Maybe the reality of the aging society is starting to slowly set in? More upgrades instead of new development.

You can really be even MORE ahead of the times and invest/buy into Tainan City ahead of its building of an MRT that will start construction next year. Make it your retirement home. City has culture and the best street food in all of Taiwan.

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@tango42 You have the right idea. Go for it. Buying property along future MRT lines is pretty much a sure bet.

The house I bought in Sanxia is a 5 minute walk from where they are building the new Sanxia / Yinge MRT line. The line is not due to be done for another 4 to 5 years, but realestate agents have already been making offers to sell our house at a higher price, 5 million more, than what we bought it for a year ago. I can only imagine how much more valuable it will be 4 to 5 years from now.

I say, go for it.

Yeah if they went up so much in Sanxia already it’s probably too late for the future line in sanxia to be a positive , just saying.
There are also some big fails such as new Tamshui, not much shilling of that recently. The airport line hasn’t done so well as noted.

There are loads of lines being built and extended.
Generally MRT being constructed is a positive factor of course.

In North Taiwan there are more choices now.
Tainan plan looks good pity there are no jobs there for most of us.

You don’t think the new line is priced in by now?


I dont understand what you are saying. Please explain your thoughts.

The line is being built. There is high demand for housing in Sanxia right now. Almost all new places go into a bidding war. Owners are getting a lot more than the asking price on newer places. More buildings are going up. The city is growing. Businesses and services are coming in. It is a good time to buy if you can find the right place without getting into a bidding war.

The new line is priced into the offers for SuiGeneris’s existing real estate, but not all demand is ‘in’ because the line doesn’t exist yet.

Most people have no or limited imagination, an attribute clearly shared by the wealthy. There will still be increases in the value of real property even after the line is complete and people are able to see/live/experience the improvement the new MRT brings to the neighborhood. Those buyers will probably not be the wealthy who have the best insight now. They will come from wealthy people with less imagination.

So I’m saying that, as things stand, the demand schedule will shift out (increase for all properties in Sanxia, existing and new) for a while yet or until the change in narrative brought by the MRT to Sanxia is made clearer. So we have a fixed/constant supply but a shifted-out demand schedule. Assuming the supply of properties within 5 minutes is constant, prices for existing properties should continue to rise.

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with a nicely-owned apartment in Tainan, it’s pretty easy to then rent out to the engineers at Tainan/South Taiwan Technology Park from what the locals tell me. The MRT should find its way out to those high-tech plants.

The reason I am a bit skeptical is that I live right next to a brand new station on the Airport MRT. Prices skyrocketed but after the line was finished they started dropping. And they are still dropping, up to this day.


I like Sanxia, it’s already quite developed and well known, not a new discovery for anybody. Its also not particularly cheap to buy there. Sanxia is not the only place with MRT lines under development. Taoyuan is significantly cheaper for instance.
So while the price could well go up further in some parts it could also level off or go down as has happened in other parts of the city. Its one of the better bets but not a foregone conclusion.

You can rent them but they probably won’t generate much income without growing population .
But I don’t know how is Tainan science park these days. Taichung has expanded the central park massively and seems more dynamic with a growing population overall.

You’re right about the income. Won’t generate much, but if it covers the monthly loan payback to the bank, then it’s a positive returning asset.
Interestingly, is that Kaohsiung has a higher return on rental income than Taipei does, meaning the % return you get paid back from monthly/yearly rent is higher than what you would get in Taipei. Obviously, it’s because the per Ping price of an apartment in the south is like 1/4 to 1/6 of what it is in Taipei.

Quite an ambitious plan.

Looks like from the wikipedia map it will connect Sanxia between Yingge and Dingpu.

Sanxia seems to me somewhat crowded and constrained by roads like the limited dispersion after exiting the freeway.

Sanxia is paradise. Property prices will only go up from here. Once the MRT lines are in and big mall with movie theater there’s no reason to ever venture out