FYI-There is an English language scooter drivers manual!

I am living in Tainan, and took the 50 cc scooter test recently. The first time I just guessing the answers, and almost passed, but not quite. The woman asked me where my book was and when I told her there wasnt one in English she dashed back to her office and grabbed one for me. Yippie. Very easy to pass the test after that. I just took the test about a month ago, so if you have any specific questions pls ask.

Also, here are some of the funnier bits from the drivers manual:
good luck!


There’s a test online.

scooter (+motorcycle) test[quote]joesax: can’t be relied on as representative of the test outside of Taipei City[/quote]

Thanks for bringing this to people’s attention Travelgoddess. Although I and others have posted on this before our posts are probably buried deep in other threads.

A couple of clarifications: It’s not a driving manual per se; it’s a book with all of the possible questions and answers that can be in the theory part of the motorcycle riding test. Thus to be sure of passing the test, one needs to memorise the correct answers.

In Taichung, the booklet is available on loan from the Beitun DMV: you have to go to the 2nd floor (the booklets are kept over the far end but you’ll probably need to ask some other staff first). When I last went, they didn’t have copies to give away or sell, but they loaned them out for two weeks at a time and if you wanted to renew that was fine.

The online test that twocs linked to is from the Taipei City Motor Vehicle Department. While it contains a selection of questions from the booklet, it does not contain them all, and can’t be relied on as representative of the test outside of Taipei City.

They give you a copy of the manual itself.