FZR a good way to to get out of the house?

Time spent in computer chair has reached critical mass lately and I am in desperate need of a hobby. Tried running/cycling/drinking/studying/building PC’s with more power requirements than small nations/ and yet none have scratched the itch…
Enter a friend selling a good shape FZR… Have always loved bikes (been riding for about 7 years but never in any sort of performance arena)… Do y’all think it would be worth it to buy up the FZR and try to get it out for some track days… If I bought it would I want to do that 250 conversion I have heard a guy does in yinnge? How frequent/dangerous are track days (not really interested in racing as it is a bit too dangerous for my tastes) are there any autocrosss type events in taiwan? If I get it and “soup” it up the cost is probably dangerously close to a used cb400 and would it just make more sense to get that for this sort of thing???

Yeah, CSRT in Yingge does this conversion. There is an entire thread about is, just search CSRT.

There is also an entire thread dedicated to this topic. There is a track in Longtan that holds track events Wednesday to Sunday. All you need is a bike and a helmet to get on the track. There are also tons of small go-cart tracks around that allow you to ride on the track. I just did an endurance race a month ago at a track in Chungli (Taoyuan area.) These tracks are tiny though, but still fun.

Well you probably wont find too many CB400’s for under 100,000nt. The 250cc conversion will cost around 45-55,000nt. So, an FZR with the 250cc conversion will still probably be a little cheaper, but the CB400 will be a better bike. It will be more expensive though if you have any kind of crash out at the track. Expect that to happen, because it will.

I race here in Taiwan and have been doing it for over 3 years. It is a lot of fun, even if you are just coming out to practice. Everyone out at the track are good people. I have made many friends over the years hanging out there. You might want to read the track thead first, and then if you have any questions feel free to message me.

Depends what floor you live on, and whether it’ll fit in the lift (elevator).

If you have to negotiate stairs you’d be better off with something trail-bike stylee.