G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be available starting May 1, 2022

Edit: News article

Oh damnit, well likely will have to pay then…
Or what alternatives are you thinking about for handling your own domain emails?

A lot of similar web apps on Microsoft remain free.

But not sure of what you are looking for in particular.

I’m looking for own domain email hosting with a good Search function… And no I don’t wanna host it myself.
If you use 2 emails, thats 12 USD/Euro per month - that’s way overpriced…

Needs to support dkim, spf and so on to protect for emails being treated as spam.

I know I could just buy some cheap email hosting, and add the emails to a free Gmail account as sending with that email name. But I’m not sure how this would work for security stuff like dkim, dmarc, spf.
It’s about 2000 emails per month that I’m sending, though text/html only. So little space. No attachments usually.

Zoho could be a good alternative I think.

I set up a free solution for a use case similar to yours recently. Needs some technical knowledge.
Basically you use your free Gmail account to receive emails with help from CloudFlare and use AWS SES free tier to send out emails for that custom domain email address.

CloudFlare Email forwarding=>Free Gmail account

Free Gmail account (send mail as) => SMTP - AWS SES (custom domain)

CloudFlare to receive emails

  • limitation - 10 different unlimited email addresses you can forward to
  • Domain Nameservers must be with CloudFlare
  • Need to wait a week or two to get beta feature access


AWS SES to send emails

  • verify domain
  • request production access
state your use case (production access)

Provide additional information about how you plan to use Amazon SES , we may be able to grant your request. In your response, include as much detail as you can about your email-sending use case and how you intend to use Amazon SES.

For example, tell us more about how often you send email, how you maintain your recipient lists, your website or app(please include any necessary links), and how you manage bounces, complaints, and unsubscribe requests. It is also helpful to provide examples of the email you plan to send so we can ensure that you are sending high-quality content.

Here is what I wrote:

  • set up DKIM, SPF, DMARC (Domain DNS)
  • Create SMTP credentials (IAM), can create several and limit each to a specific FROM email address through policies in IAM


  • set up - “Send mail as” (not an alias) using SMTP credentials from AWS
Mail is sent through: email-smtp.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com
Secured connection on port 587 using TLS
  • set up filtering/tagging for incoming custom domain emails if you want to separate them from usual gmail emails

  • Gmail settings - When replying to a message: :white_check_mark: Reply from the same address the message was sent to


That was needed

Filled out the survey, no idea what good it will do though. But yeah, this is a bit of a tricky situation. I’ve got a family domain since 2005 with accounts for everyone … so many things linked into this.

if (and only if) you’re signed in with a free G Suite account, you’ll see a link to this survey, which is aimed at free G Suite admins with 10 users or fewer using the service for “non-business” purposes. Google says users filling out the survey will receive “updates on more options for your non-business legacy account in the coming months.” It’s a sign that Google had no idea how many people this change would affect, and now, the company wants to hear from you.

Finally Google stops flip-flopping