Game - Dead Pool 2006

So I found this old thread in theOpen forum:- … l&&start=0

[quote=“Anonymous”]Okay, this may be a wee crass and if enough people think it is, then mods, feel free to flounder this.

Let’s start a Dead Pool. Who do you think will die this year. To be a confirmed death, the subject must appear on next year’s Academy Awards segment showcasing those that have past.

Hmmmm, let’s see, we stand in need of rules.

Post as often as you like, but selections must be made this month.

Once a celeb has been picked, he/she is off limits to others.

Maximum 10 selections.

My first 3 picks are:

Mickey Rooney
Ed McMahon
William Shatner[/quote]

I like it as a concept and I know its late in the year but I searched for a 2006 version and it just doesn’t seem to be out there.

There is a Morgue thread talking about people who have just died but it seems disrespectful to go punting likely candidates for death around in there.

So anyway before the end of the year I like: -
Saddam Hussein
Alan Curbishley
The guy upstairs who has parties all night and does his washing at 3a.m. when he isn’t partying :wink:

Oh, and there are some sick people in Forumosa, please no trolling hospitals guys!