All this talk about games. How about teachers post their favorite games. Ones they’ve actually used and work well. I know there’s games sites, but I never read those, and I actually read this I think it would be helpful to state age, level, number of students etc.

I’ll start:
Write and Draw
Very simple game, the kids can learn fast and like.
Ages: 6-12
Level: Best suited to beginners
Class size: 6-12
Objective: Practice spelling and have fun
Two teams. One student form each team. Paper scissors stone winner chooses “I want to write” or “I want to draw”. Teacher says key word or phrase. One writes, one draws on the whiteboard. Stand the marker on the floor to finish. Winner one point for team. To start absolute beginners first write and read 12 or so target words at the top of the board. Interesting to see how kids start saying they want to draw becausse they think writing is harder, but soon realise that for most words writing is faster.



Games, hmmm… I’m stuck on a few that I use all the time and that are starting to get a little stale. Of course, I often like the games that require the least preparation. Like…

The Standard 5 x 5 grid…

Across the top I usually use a vocabulary word, if suitable, a kids name or some random joke that only I get (if the other 2 options aren’t available). I’ve also used kk, which can get a bit interesting.

Along the side I either do the same or I use numbers, symbols, or hopefully something relevant to the class.

Answer the questions right, choose a box, win that prize (point values, 10 jumping jacks, lose points, other team gets points, blah blah blah).

The best thing about the game is that with little prep (draw yourself a grid with prizes revealed so you don’t favour a particular group or kid) you can have a fun and exciting game.

in one variation, if the child gets a certain symbol it means a certain number of points. Sometimes I let other students be the score keeper, but I still check the math.

in another, a lightning bolt kills the student – so that student cannot TALK for the rest of the game… unless a first aid is uncovered, which miraculously brings them back to life.

As always, if I hear words that are not ENGLISH, that team loses something… usually a substancial number of points.


Before I forget, here is a game that a friend of mine prefers… but he has more artistic talen than I:

answer a questions, choose a feature and an adj… he draws it on the other team’s face.

Alternatively, the children can draw their feature.

Winners are the first team to finish their face, the last team to finish their face OR th team with the craziest face. Its all up to you.

Also, erase the face/feature can be an option.

NOTICE these are mainly teacher-oriented/controlled games. I am looking for more ideas on student centred games.

Help me?