Gaming in Taichung, Roleplaying, Tabletop, or anything else!

There seems to be plenty of gaming in Taipei, but where are us poor schmucks in Taichung supposed to get our fix? There must be plenty of people here that game (or used to), but is there a gaming comunity?

I would love to find a D&D game here, or start one if there are enough interested parties. Getting in contact with some local gamers would also be usefull.

:notworthy: If anybody can help me on this I would sincerely appreciate it! :notworthy:

Well, I started the Taichung Social Club just for that sort of thing. I didn’t think there would have been enough peopel to support all the different kinds of clubs Taipei has going, so I rolled ithem all up into one club. Unfortunately, enkidu, your barking up the wrong tree.

I planned and announced several events for which I was the only person to show, and have basically given up since, so don’t expect to see a horde of people beating a path to your door. I’ll probably get flayed alive for say this, but my experience over the last two years is that the foreign community outside Taipei is not very welcoming.

I’d like to get a gaming group started, but it appears you and I are the only ones. Maybe you should do what I do: Go to the game club in Taipei.

yeah,coz if it’s hard to get a gathering for beer,imagine how many punters you’ll get for roleplay…

No need to dispair. Who elso out there is interested? If any of you fantastic people don’t game but know people who do let me know!

Two strong and growing!

Hi. I’m in Taichung. I currently play in a weekly 3.5 modded D&D campaign which is relatively fun. Some of the fellas I play with also have Games Workshop models (Warhammer and Bloodbowl) and I will soon have Warmachine minis. There are also opportunities to play the D&D Miniatures game, but your competition will be me and maybe one other guy, assuming he can recover from my merciless beatings (You know if I’m talking about you. :smiley:) Anyway, feel free to pm me here or respond to this post. Hopefully, we’ll get you hooked up.