Gangster & Mob films

The Prophecy didn’t exactly blow me away.

Didn’t see that one.

So… Steve Jobs is a gangster?

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Contractually obliged to drop this in here:


I liked Denzel in American Gangster


Most overrated genre.

The Irishman- most accurate historical film since JFK.

Wife and I finished it tonight, great movie.

So I just finished it today .
Fantastic job. Not up there with Goodfells but up there !
Loved the set movies scenes, the lighting , the period settings.

Stand out actor : Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa. Thought he was brilliant. Whether he portrayed the real Jimmy Hoffa accurately I don’t really care.

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Will have to see those. I tend to lean toward his mob movies but I will watch those too. Thanks for the list

Half Italian. His mom is Irish.

He was a Gansta. As he was boss in his field and lived the tech thug life.

Gangster is an actual criminal.

haven’t got round to watching it yet but if anyone digs 4 hour gangster movies then once upon a time in america should not be missed. probably one my favorite movies ever…along with sergio leones other movies.

Proper G dawg

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Yes, Once Upon a Time in America is a great movie, however the rape scene is very tough to take though.

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its pretty raw. there are some cut scenes with his driver that add a bit more to that scene. its a real real shame that the movie has so many cut scenes. pretty much all of the cut scenes i have seen add more to the story and things make more sense.

It’s that bad, huh?

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I haven’t seen a gangster film I truly liked except probably Le Cercle Rouge, but that’s more of a heist film.

Does The Sting count? If it does then that’s a good one too.