"ganma xue wo!" and "ni hen funny"

two questions about two phrases that i hear all the time here.

for the first one, “ganma xue wo!” i have been told that it means “don’t imitate me!” i think that it is this character: 学, but i’m not sure. my dictionary says imitate = mofang 模仿

as to the second one, i hear “ni hen funny” in every second conversation here, but it always sounds like “ni hen fani” to me. is it just poor pronunciation of “funny” or are there some characters assigned to the transliteration.


煩 (fan4) = to bother / annoy. It could be that you’re hearing “Ni hen fan, ni”, as in “you are so annoying”.

学 (xue) is simplified, by the way. The traditional variant would be 學

it could be more like

Ni hen fan ne! which i’m shouting all the time when someone is pissing me off = =

but i could be wrong…most of my chinese is picked up from my frens and the net= =

學 means “learn” or “study”, and by extension it can mean “imitate” given the right context. So “幹嘛學我?” means “What the hell are you doing, learning from my example?” Or, in other words, “Don’t imitate me.”

thanks for the responses.

as to what i think i am hearing as “ni hen fanni,” i stopped my young co-worker recently mid-sentence, and she said that she was indeed saying “funny.”

i can’t be the only one here that hears this phone conversation every day:

“wei…ni zai ganma?.. ganma… o…wo meiyou…o…ni hen ‘funny’… wo taoyan ni… zaijian!”

edit: thinking about it more, i often just hear “ni hen fan,” as well, which i think means “you are so bothersome,” so i’m a bit confused as to why my co-worker said she was saying “funny”

Throwing English words into Chinese speech is very common in Taiwan. Such as “跟他 confirm 一下”.

Perhaps this individual just likes to use the word “funny” in English… I can’t say I’ve heard people use it very often.

Oh, and also note that the Chinese often confuse the words “funny” and “fun”.

Sounds like what a 20-year old xiaojie would say. Probably has a crush on you.

“Wo taoyuan ni” also translates as “You make me horny” if you know what I mean… :smiley: