Garmin Varia Lights

Hey guys! Running my tires harder this days and my current Giant Lumen light is falling off because of vibrations. I am looking into a new front and back light and don’t see any really great options here so I was looking online. I started looking into the Garmin Varia lights and like the idea that the front light mounts on a Garmin mount. I also was looking at the radar tail light and could see it being nice up in the mountains. Now the big drawback is the price, and while I have read a lot of reviews all seem mixed in that the front light is too big and heavy and the radar tail light is overpriced for what it does. So I was wondering if any of you had tried either of them out, or if not have a good recommendation for a front light that mounts more firmly and works good. I ride at night a lot, and one roads in the mountains that are often bumpy so I want something that is good and bright. Thanks for any advice!

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