Gary Busey gettin weird (super funny)

Isn’t anything Busey does, weird?

He’s weird but not dumb, that is for sure…

How DARE you! Does THIS look weird?

Well? Does it?

No. Perfectly normal.

This was a local show in Tulsa when I was in Junior High School.

The show was started by Gailard Sartain, but Gary Busey was on it for a little while before he got to be a big star. It doesn’t look so funny now, but I used to stay up late on Saturday night to watch it every week.

“The word ‘now’ stands for No Other Way…!”
more Buseyisms

“There are 360 ways to see an elephant.” is an all-time classic!

really funny video)) made my brains relax for a time… but the last unfortunatelly doesn’t work :popcorn: