Gas Inspection Rip-Off

The gas company sends every year some of their workers for a gas inspection.
Every time, they tell my wife to change the gas faucet connected to the gas stove. They never detected and gas leakage there.

We had another inspection yesterday, while i was at work. When I came back, I learned that the faucet had been replaced.

The gas faucet cost 1300NT$ and the rubber pipe connecting to the stove 600NT$

My wife went to the plummer shops today and bought all parts on her own. The total cost was 200 NT$.
I exchanged it in less than 5 minutes.

The receipt/bill she signed with the gas company states that we have the right to back off from this contract withing 7 days.
It also includes a passage saying something like … I hereby acknowledge that I at no time was threatened or forced to do these changes.

They obviously have already taken measures protecting them from lawsuits for their unethical business practice.
They also took my old faucet while leaving the old rubber tube behind.

Just want to let you know.

Thanks. I have also been told by the Taipei gasman to replace a perfectly sound-looking, non-leaking fitting before, but he never offered to do the work.

Step one: lodge a complaint and threaten to call the media.
Step two: call the media.
Step three: either get your way or take solace in the fact that you’ve caused a major inconvenience for the gas company.

We had the gas man change something in an inspection a while ago. Just gave the bill to the landlord (actually they asked us to pay it and deduct it from next rent).

Are they STILL doing that?

We used to invite them in and talk them to death. They would give up, because they were wasting too much time with all the foreigners’ questions and comments and couldn’t make any money on their scam.

May be a bit off the topic. Anyone of you know the case when you have to return the gas cylinder? I have purchased a gas cylinder when I first moved here in Taipei (they charged me about 1500NTD for the cylinder only!). Now since my term here in Taipei is going to be finished soon, I just needed to know whether I can get the deposit back, for my gas tank. Upon my inquiry, the company said that they will only give you 300NTD !!! :fume: I was surprise to hear that, back in my country you can get the deposit back when you return the tank… If any of you got some insight to this, please share here…

6 years later, they still are :slight_smile: Gas company guy came, saw our recently changed hot water gas hose and has tried to bill 1300 for the gas tap. At least the price hasn’t gone up in 6 years.