Gas smell in house. Help number?


One room in my house smells strongly of gas. Does the fire department here have a service to come test if you call? What number?


There is usually a sticker on the Gas Meter , have a check
I had to try hard to not make a Lunar New Year food joke. Hope you see a number


Not sure which number from these. Anyone able to help?


do you know the provider ?
Please contact your gas provider directly to speed up the process. The phone numbers for 24 hour service of the gas suppliers in Taipei City are as follows:

  • The Great Taipei Gas Corporation: (02)2767-6552 or (02)2768-4999 ext. 110, 115~120.

  • Yang Ming Shan Gas Co., Ltd.: (02)2895-9797 or (02)2894-8686 ext. 811, 810.

  • Shin-Hu Natural Gas Co., Ltd.: (02)2794-3218 or (02)2794-3219

  • Shin Shin Natural Gas Co., Ltd.: (02)2922-6666 or (02)2921-7811 ext. 276 or 277.


Called 119 because it’s getting stronger. They are sending fire crew and gas company. 10 min response time. Costs 200NT


Right thing to do …stay safe and get out of there if you can


Well that was overkill.
They sent 3 fire engines, one of which was a ladder engine, an ambulance and one of those red minivans plus a gas company truck. 10 firefighters came up.

They tested all the rooms. Nothing was detected. They suggested airing out the house. 2 of them said they smelled gas too, but the other 8 and detection devices picked up nothing.


Bit of excitement for you . Icon would have loved the firemen🤗 maybe get one of those gas detectors ? Anyway , you did the right thing .


Just glad it’s not gas and surprised…correction…“pleased” (Thank you Rocket) by New Taipei City fire department’s efficiency. It was a fast response for a somewhat nonemergency.

Only downside was none of them spoke any English. I need to get my Chinese ability improved!


One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.
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Why would you be surprised?


Fixed it


Sorry, in any of my dealings with the FD, as well as observing them on the job, I’ve never seen them be anything but top notch at their jobs.
Especially considering what shit heap firetraps so many structures here are, as well how butt stupid the general populace seems to be at common sense preventative behaviour.


Did I tell you one of my coworkers’ birthday gift to me was the Taiwan firefighters calendar?

@SuiGeneris glad to hear that you are safe. Do get gas detector promptly.


They were annoyed that the two fire escape doors leading to the stairwells were closed. They opened them and 4 of them took the stairs down opening all of the escape doors on the way out.

They also had trouble turning their ladder engine around to leave because of cars parked in red zones. They had 2 tow trucks there within 8 min. to move 2 cars out of the way.

Definitely on their game tonight.




MODS…anyway to get these numbers pinned somewhere? Definitely useful info.

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They said that over the phone, but never asked for it after they arrived. They said it was for the gas company worker. I didn’t pay it.