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Okay, so I have surfed the forum for past few hours and so far this place seem pretty striaght. I am a Taiwanese guy and I am bringing my caucasian boyfriend home with me in a couple of monthes. How open are people in Taiwan? For that matter, how homophobic are the foriegners in Taiwan? My boyfriend speaks no Chinese and would appreaciate new friends who are at least not homophobic to show him the ropes (i.e. get along in Taiwan, find a job, deal with not being able to speak the language etc). Any help would be appreaciated, thanks!


See the “Gay life in Taiwan” thread in the Living in Taiwan Forum:


Hey Sweet Couple,

It’s always a great pleasure to know there are some couples out there! I am a gay Taiwanese who came to US for studying 2 yrs ago. In addition to having my degree after 2 yrs, I also have a great bf… Now, bf and I are going back to Taiwan as well from DC. If you read the post “Gay life in Taiwan”, well, that’s from my very terrified but also kinda excited bf… He put several questions regarding being gay in Taiwan, and you might find them interesting and also encouraging. People here who answered our questions were very helpful and extremely friendly to us. Drop us a note sometime if you want to as we would very much like to meet other gay couples or non-homophobic friends…



Question: What is the age difference between you and your boyfriend (also, who is older)?


I am 23, boyfriend is 33


My husband and I are from the DC area, drop me an e-mail when you’re going to arrive.



I know more about Taiwan gay culture than you can shake a dildo at!
Feel free to email me when you get into town, I’d be glad to have coffee with you and your bf and share some insights. You can send me a message via Oriented messaging system for more info.


Alf_tw and I are not there yet. But, when we get there, any assistance or friendship would be greatly appreciated. We’d also be happy to meet with you, Iamme and your bf. It would be great to be able to meet a couple that is dealing with what we are.

Ironlady, are you in Taiwan right now? The location on your profile says Virginia. Just wondering…


BTW… I’m not that terrified anymore. More excited now, than terrified. My biggest concern is finding a job and making friends. If this website is any indication making friends shouldn’t be an issue.