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The trailer is here: it’s a hoot! (i think this film should be banned!)

Plot Outline: A sexually agressive party animal falls for a young Mormon missionary promoting fireworks from their respective friends and families.

US actors Steve Sandvoss and Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Mormon missionaries in “Latter Days.” I wonder if this will be screened in Taiwan.

CNN has a story on this now, above link.

[The filmmaker and cast behind “Latter Days” are on a mission: to get as many people as possible in to see their little film.

It’s a sometime drama, sometime romantic comedy about two young men who find each other, love each other, and deal with the consequences of love’s often messy aftermath. And, oh yeah: one of the men is a Mormon.]

Gay Mormons in love.

Isn’t that an oxymormon :lol:

Why, Lane119, did you delete that word from your copy and paste?

It would have been more interesting if it was two Mormons, on their 2 year conversion mission, who fell in love. This movie will be more about different types of families, and how they can be compared and contrasted in respect to their reaction to gays.

Why, Lane119, did you delete that word from your copy and paste?[/quote]

No reason. Just wanted to see who would notice, if anyone. You have a very good eye. They! Also thought the sexual orientation of the “party animal” was not so important, as readers would soon find out anyway.

Gay, schmay, as they say. But what an amazing movie! I am sure the Mormon Church is going to make a huge stink stateside, which will just turn the movie into a huge hit on the college movie circuit. Only in America, I guess…

It’s a nice movie. Thanks Kazaa! :smiley:



It seems that gay Mormons even have their own website: