Gaza student protests in US

Whoa! “Outside agitators with a history of escalating situations and trying to create chaos”! In the US??? I can’t believe it! Anyone ever hear of anything like this before?


Imagine paying this tuition to send your kid here. Columbia knows there will be no students in the fall if they don’t fix this.
If they just start be removing agitators that will be a big impact, but they can also deport any foreign students that are participating in the violence and expel the American students who are not smart enough to know when they’ve crossed the line from peaceful protest to hate speech and violence.


The student protests are not limited to rich kids at Columbia—they have spread widely across the US and internationally. They remind me clearly of the anti-apartheid movement across university campuses in the 1980s—the racist policies of the South African state were unacceptable, and we said so as clearly as we could. And students now are speaking about the unacceptable actions of the Israeli state. From civil rights to the war in Vietnam, from the South Africa protests to the protests happening now, students have been on the right side of history. People who think otherwise either don’t know very much about how universities operate or how many university students think.



It’s not just Columbia. They are everywhere.

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Americans have the right to gather and protest.

Although I did see some nasty behavior that’s not ok like blocking Jewish students from going into buildings.


Fuck em’ :clown_face: Students should get a job and stop protesting the one democratic state in the region. Idiots.
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Yes they were unacceptable but the ANC-Commie pus wasn’t much better.

If you keep five million human beings penned up in open air prisons awaiting an emancipation which never comes you’re not a democracy.


Violence on the UCLA campus as pro-Israel protestors attacked the pro-Palestine encampment. Curiously, some media have named the pro-Israel groups only as “counterprotestors”.

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I think you’re cherry picking. They’re easily malleable, which is why the commies and nazis indoctrinate them with programs like the red guards and hitlers youth.

I’m hoping you’re not saying the red guards were on the right side of history?

Not to mention the recent BLM protests by students when it was clearly a scam.

Being allowed to gather and protest should be a right. But I find your comment on people who think otherwise on students being on the right side of history rather ignorant of history.


Im going to Foggy Bottom to see what’s going on at GW.

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Ahem Tunisia.

I think there may be a thread on the red guards.

I think the situation in a Leninist state is not comparable to what we’re seeing with the current protests. @foc would be able to explain in more detail why.


But the point is that there are many instances that students were clearly not correct.

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Hmmmm. I am trying to think of an example of a mass university student movement in liberal democracies which would support your position. Maybe white students in the US pre-1960s protesting colored folk gaining access to education too? :thinking:


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This is my experience with the youth when I taught history for a brief time. And I’ve said it before. This question always stuck to me by student. “Were they the good guys or bad guys?”

For the same reasons why Disney movies are so popular with a clear protagonist and antagonist, this is a simple and enticing way to view the world.

Oppressed vs oppressor

This is why the Marxists use this ideology and their other variants of it like Maoism.

This is also why hitler and Mussolini used this ideology to mobilize the youth. Although Mussolini was not nearly as effective.

Gaza vs Israel is just another variation of this when it’s a more complicated issue.

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How do you think liberal democracies can be slowly demolished?

Students and educational institutions were where nazi ideology spread quickly and played a role in the rise of nazi germany. The Weimar Republic pre nazis is considered a liberal democracy of its time.

And I just gave you an example of the BLM scam protests. All these kids telling people to donate :joy:

This is not to say youth led movements have never had positive impacts. It’s just that it’s not exactly a reliable demographic of being right and rather easily malleable. It’s also the demographic you’d target to change the culture for better or worse.


Help is on the way for those patriots who are sick and tired of criticism of America’s sacred cow:

House passes GOP antisemitism bill amid college unrest (

It requires the Department of Education to use the International Holocaust
Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism
when enforcing federal anti-discrimination laws. The working definition says antisemitism is in-part “a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews.” The definition includes denying Jewish people their right to self-determination by claiming that the State of Israel is a racist state and drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.

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Ironically, the guy who made the definition doesn’t want it used as a legal definition.

The components are things that are correlated with anti-semitism so he can measure it for research.

Agree with you very much. We are in a different time and we have an excess of wokeness combined with external agitators. You can’t be pro terrorist and be on the right side of history. I believe there are some geniune protesters, some useful idiots, and some understanding they are free to do bad things without recourse.
Previous generations volunteered and made sacrifices to make a real difference… This group is ordering catering and won’t speak to media who doesn’t support Hanas. The irony of the situation is that if the white American kids were in Hamas control, they’d either be a hostage or dead.