Geneva fine swiss cuisine

Very happy to announce that today, December 22nd we are opening a new Restaurant in Taipei called “GENEVA FINE SWISS CUISINE”. This new and very cozy Restaurant is located where the former Giorgio’s Restaurant used to be. Looking North on Ren’ai Road turn right into Yanji Street then about 150Meters into the Alley on the left behind O’La La Restaurant.

Geneva Fine Swiss Cuisine’s specialties are Cheese, Meat and Chocolate Fondues.
Tonight December 22nd, Beers, white and red wine are for free. Till December 31st there is a 20% discount on all food items. The Restaurant is open daily except Mondays from 7pm till 11pm. … tizers.jpg … ondues.jpg … ondues.jpg

Best of luck with your new venture! :bravo:

Sounds great!
What is the reg. price of the chocolate fondue?
And what time do you close tonight?
I get off at 8:30, I’ll try to make it there.

The Toblerone Bittersweet with Fresh Fruits and Toblerone Milk Chocolate with Fresh Fruits are NT$350/Person, the Bittersweet Chocolate with Fresh Fruits is NT$290/Person. As the regular price. Sort of struggling to load up the menu image file to the forum.

There’s no hamburgers. :frowning:

No and also no Pizzas, thanks to Maoman’s help the Links to the menu now work.

And when is the closing time tonight?

I would assume around midnight or later, cooks work till 11pm.

[quote=“Taverncaptain”]I would assume around midnight or later, cooks work till 11pm.[/quote] Are any of them as cute as the one over in the Tavern :howyoudoin:

And congrats by the way!!!

Not sure what is so cute about the Tavern-Premier chefs and thanks!

Alright! Please reserve me a spot +1 for around 9:00 tonight :slight_smile:

Looks great! Congratulations and good luck!

Besta luck to you and any of your French compatriots! Merry Christmas, TavernCaptain.

We were in there tonight and had a great time.
Got the set meal for 2 featuring cheese and chocolate fondue, and as TC mentioned, food is currently 20% off.
Lots of food and we were left feeling stuffed.
Also enjoyed the generous free flowing free drinks for the night. :slight_smile:
Get in there while the deal is still on!

Very nice. We went in this evening and had a set… bread and pate, salad with sausage and cheese, soup, cheese fondu and then a chocolate fondu. Everything was excellent. This is a nice meal on a cold, wet night. Give it a try!

Went there tonight with a couple of friends. Very nice service and very nice food! A definite must for Fondue lovers. Congratulations and good luck in this venture! :smiley:

Congratulations TC.

May your new venture be a great success.


If I remember right, Giorgio’s was not a very big restaurant. Should I be worried about making a reservation for Geneva (seeing that it occupies the same space)? My sister’s been craving for fondue, so we’re thinking about dropping by one of these days.

We have about 40 seats at Geneva, yes it is not huge but cosy. It is better you make a reservation in any case. Tel. 27317641. Enjoy your fondue and if you like other Swiss Food than Fondue, we have many other delicous meals, check our menu under

A friend and I had a nice meal here on Saturday night–good food and reasonably priced.